Tuesday, 12 April 2016


          In the fast changing E-Commerce world, the online service providers have to customize their E-Commerce Websites to attract audience, render awesome user experience for customers and stand ahead of their competitors. Then redesign and optimize the E-Commerce Website with latest trends support the website owners to fulfill the mentioned needs.
         We gather and listed below the 10 E-Commerce Web Designing Trends which will influence 2016.

1.     Hamburger Menu
        The Hidden menu approach which was initially designed for use in mobile devices, became widespread in the recent years. In 2015, many E-Commerce Websites had come with hamburger menus.

          Because of the advantages indulged in Hamburger menus like saving a lot of screen space, cleaning up the elements in site by accumulating them in a single menu, it becomes more popular. Many E-Commerce stores with Hidden menus will appear this year in more number when compared to the previous years.

2.     Material Design
          This Design is adopted by E-Commerce Stores in a large scale and is popular since 2014. Even though it is quite tough and long process, the Website Designers and E-Commerce Store Owners are eager in implementing Material Design because it renders great engaged and playful experience for users with effects like shadow, movement options and much more.

3.     Card Design
         Card Design is the wonderful way to organize a group of products and different products with great usability and rich visual treat across multiple devices. The major advantage of card design is its user friendliness. The Website Owner and Web Designers need not to strive much to organize products in their webpages.

4.     Large, Flexible Typography
         Similar to last year, Typography will appear in many E-Commerce Stores and Websites this year too. As Typography helps the website owners to build great visual brand identity ,attracting more potential customers and works well in devices of all sized layouts, it is sure that many E-Commerce Websites will use this trend.

5.     Large Backgrounds
         Every E-Commerce Store owner can provide clean, stylish and Professional looking for their website by adding large background images in their Home Pager. The absorbing product shots with large resolution in a webpage tells your brand story and induce audience to buy the product.

         Even though Large Backgrounds work well on Home page, you can add Huge Background images in Product pages also.

6.     Rich Animations
          By placing animations in the right place on your webpage, you can easily get customer engagement as Animations offer rich enjoyable and playful experience to users. Besides adding Animations in images, it is sure that many E-Commerce Websites with Animation like icon rotation, button spin and other effects this year.

7.     Attractive Storytelling
          As saying “Content is King”, you can build customer loyalty and customer engagement with Textual Contents alone. But you need to deliver the contents in an impressive and attractive manner.

          Many leading E-Commerce Stores use the advantages of interesting storytelling which makes them stand out from the queue and stand ahead of their competitors. Remember that are providing quality contents in each sections like About us, Why you want to choose us? and others in an attractive manner which impress the audience and readers.

8.     Add attractive Pictures
         People visit E-Commerce Websites in order to make purchases within a short duration. Hence, it is not sure that they read the textual contents you add in your webpages. The alternative Solution to get people’s trust on your E-Commerce store and your products is to add high quality and attractive images regarding your Products and your Business.

9.     Long Scrolling
         It becomes a habitual for internet users to scroll down the web pages which results enabling long scrolling as a trend for long time. The major advantage of providing long scrolling is it permits the Web Designers and E-Commerce Website Developers to create multiple page websites by breaking the scroll into clear and simple sections.

10.     Dynamic View
Nowadays, many E-Commerce Website Developers are providing Dynamic View and offering Dynamic Product Search for the E-Commerce Websites they design and develop. It is more suitable and appropriate for online store owners who offer large amount of brands and products in their E-Commerce Website.

         The major advantage of providing dynamic view for your E-Commerce Website is that it enables the visitors to browse all pages in the website quickly and hence the visitor need not to wait for the loading time of each pages in the website.


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